Traumatic Incident Reduction, Unblocking, Life Stress Reduction
by Craig Harvey

Currently available for sessions by video conference only.

Give Your Peace of Mind
      and Clarity of Intention
            a Chance to Blossom and Fly Strong and Free...
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What do YOU feel needs to happen?
What is your metaphor for breaking through to a more fulfilling life?

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I am your teammate, coach, and (quietly listening) cheerleader. I know you have inner strength that has gotten you through life so far. Together we can unlock the hidden parts of that strength that have been busy trying to squash and sort out the pains and frustrations of the past.

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By building on the strengths you have, while resolving the past, your newly liberated and re-focused strengths can lift you to new heights that you may have given up on long ago -- even if that "merely" means getting a good night's sleep.

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Following a career as an engineer I have become a certified TIR Facilitator.

Ever since college I had a strong interest in how the mind works and the whole body/mind/spirit connection. I have been working with and getting ongoing training in TIR and Metapsychology since 2013. I also have experience doing mediation and peacemaking circles. I use TIR with individuals because it fits with my engineering background -- it's well-structured, practical, and most importantly, it works.

Contact:      734-355-1214
First intro consultation is free, just to go over how things work, your expectations, and ensure that we can be comfortable working together. After that, I hold 2 hours of time for you for each session, but you only pay for the time we use. The first hour of your appointment is $65, and after that is $15 per quarter hour ($60 per hour). Sometimes people feel better after only one hour, but often sessions go longer -- you decide during the session, depending on how you feel. The idea is to make some progress each session, according to YOUR perception (not mine).

Member in good standing of
Applied Metapsychology International, Traumatic Incident Reduction Association

Updated: July 7, 2021